Email is 6x more effective than social media at driving traffic to your website, but also aids in social conversion.

98% of brand followers will never see posts on their Facebook news feed.

77% of people prefer to receive promotional content by email compared to just 17% by social media.

44% of recipients will make a purchase within 12 months of receiving a promotional email.

Building Relationships.  Adding Value.  Consistently.

We start by learning all about your brand, business, and customers (both existing and potential).  Leveraging seasonality, promotional opportunities, and value-add concepts, we’ll develop a strategy to engage your audience and get results.  Combining quality graphic design, tasty photography, and compelling copy we will create engaging email.  We are full service and we can design and support any concept we create.  We will manage the campaign, testing and adjusting along the way to ensure results.  Running multiple variations of emails, delivery times, and content will help us to identify the most effective email strategy to generate results.

Instand Reward

Welcome Emails: Your customers are most likely to take action when they initially join your email list. We can set up automatic emails to welcome them with a message inspiring action!

Add More Followers

List Builders: Collect email addresses from your website, social media outlets, in-person, and from customized landing pages. We’ll help you convert visitors into buyers.

Built For Action

Landing Pages: We can create customized landing pages for special promotions, social campaigns or to add followers to your email list.

Ready-To-Serve Content

Added Value: Our email content makes great website content as well. Many of our clients use our email content across their website, social media, and ads.

Some email marketing visuals.

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