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Mobile Web Design & Why It Matters.

Mobile Web Design & Why It Matters To Your Small Business.

The case for mobile first web design.

A increasing trend in 2015 was mobile-only web browsing and because of the increasing numbers mobile web design is more important than ever.  Mobile web browsing overtook all other platforms to become the most popular way to browse the internet – according the The Guardian’s August 2015 article.  In fact as many as 1 in 5 millennials (who are now in their late 20’s and early 30’s so don’t be dismissive because they’re a big chunk of consumers now) view websites exclusively from their phones!  Not laptops, not tablets; only from smartphones.  I guess it kind of makes sense, look at those things now – they’re huge!  In 2016 and beyond, mobile web design will only become more important to your small business.

Let me back up – Happy New Year! I hope you had a good 2015 and are looking forward to a great 2016.  I’ve enjoyed some downtime with the family over the holidays and I hope you had the opportunity to do the same.  Now, back to work!

One of Google’s directors made this statement and I believe it’s more relevant now than ever before.  “People love their smartphones.  Now businesses must fall in love with mobile.”.  True.  Look around, a good percentage of people are in their phones right now!

mobile web design

mobile web design

Why does mobile web design and development matter to your business?  Because the businesses that adapt will take market share from those that don’t.  So if you want to beat your competition to new customers, start with a nice clean mobile friendly website.  Long have (we) website designers been designing in a landscape first, full screen layout style.  When viewed from a phone, that all kind of goes out the window.  You can’t exactly make someone turn their phone sideways to view it as designed on your computer.

Like anything, there is good and bad.  For a designer like me, mobile web design can be somewhat limiting.  The benefit is that your content becomes exponentially more important.  Content has always been king, but when you view a website on a smartphone you’re looking for information in an easy-to-read format and bells and whistles aren’t all that important.  It needs to look professional, function properly and be mobile friendly.

For a designer like myself who tends to keep things streamlined/minimal, this is a good thing.   Many businesses will hesitate to adapt because they see it as just another “tech, web, trend” that will go away – but not so fast, smartphones are going away? I don’t think so.

While this shift is happening, many businesses will have an opportunity to make an impact and gain more market share from their competition.  Think about the last time you visited a site on your smartphone and couldn’t navigate easily or quickly get information you were looking for – bye, bye.  You were off to the next option.  This will happen for businesses and those that adapt will have more opportunities to attract new clients.

If your website isn’t as mobile friendly as it should be and could use a mobile web design (redesign) just give us a call at 916-671-1716 and we’ll be happy to share some helpful info and discuss your project with no cost or obligation!  We offer no surprise flat rate pricing for your next web design project.


Mobile Web Design